Weird Simulator

Events unfold in a forgotten city that needs no introduction. The game does not copy real life, it surpasses it.

However, the boring provincial town has a lot to do. There are three districts at the disposal of the player, one of which was inhabited by communist migrants, the other never recovered from the crisis, and the central one became a business and cultural center, and also located an airport and a university. You can buy your own home, a car, the opportunity to pursue a hobby, work and build your life. There are different scenarios from a homeless person to a student hiding from the mafia or 17 other plot development options to choose from. And in free mode, the player is free to do whatever he wants:

  • get an academic degree;
  • become a player on the stock exchange or start your own business;
  • become the best in the online game;
  • realize creativity in music and writing;
  • travel around different cities and countries;
  • become a boxing champion;
  • find love, make real friends,

    or get a job for a five-day week, drink and sleep in the sandbox mode. Literally anything is possible, we don’t care at all.

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