New release date. Again

I think the best solution is to move the game to the “Early Access” section, which I applied for an hour ago. Well, also a few thoughts accumulated.

You know, I look back on the past years with some nostalgia: how my brother and I sat in a room with a carpet on the wall in the winter and came up with gameplay concepts (one of which turned into a Weird Simulator), talked about the gaming industry, have fun in Diablo 2 on an old laptop until morning. Then the 2021 year, as if life began to improve, studentship, the flow of thoughts from the head turns into dialogues and decomposes into characters, I pick something for myself according to the code, I do it. But there was still no understanding of how or where it was going. By autumn, the visions had somehow stabilized, a new vision of the world, and so on. Probably the realization that this is one of the things I want to do. Мать його тисячу (difficult to translate surzhyk folklore expression, smth like ‘holy cow’), that’s something so ordinary, and how interesting it is to live, inspiration and aspiration fill the soul and body. It would be quite fun to write about some ambitions, but then just remember the fact that they exist and plans to create a full-fledged studio and release both new ideas and bring those games that I dreamed of creating as a child. Thank you very much.

The symbolic date will be March 31, 2022.

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